Thunderstorm Sounds 1.0 APK (Android)

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  • Added: 06/14/2015
  • Downloads:20
  • Price: 7.2
  • Size: 7M
  • Developer: AudioMAX



When lightning occurs we all anticipate the loud and scary blast from the sky and then, we stand in awe of the relentlessly intense force of nature. Thunderstorm Sounds deliver the same experience only on much safer scale…It is a fantastic new app for your Samsung Galaxy or any other phone using Android™, and a loud amusing way to get the best out of every phone call or SMS you get. Thunderstorm Sounds is a selection of the most amazing earsplitting ringtones you can imagine! Set different tones for each contact and enjoy these powerful blasting sounds daily.

- Best new futuristic ringtones & SMS sounds!
- Set as ringtone, notification sound (SMS/email) or alarm.
- Assign as ringtone to specific contact in your contact list.
- Easy to use UI, Thunderstorm Sounds App works in landscape and portrait mode.

Thunderstorm Sounds will surely draw everyone`s attention. No matter if itis a sharp and loud crack or an awesome low rumbling brontide, you`ll find your friends bricked with terror. Get your daily dose of adrenaline with these crazy new roaring ringtones right now! These free and extremely “loud tones” bring to you fantastic selection of earsplitting message alerts, deafening alarm sounds and the best blasting ringtones! Show your courage and startle your friends wherever you are, every time your phone rings! Great new app brings awesome selection of the most amazing powerful ringtones you can imagine! Don’t wait to hear heavens thundering on your friend’s phone – be the first to have this cool app with the best and loudest ringtones.
You can assign different sound from this blasting loud sound effect soundboard to each contact from your phone. This cool app with the most amazing SMS notification tones, thundering alarm sounds and shattering ringtones is available for free download, so don’t hesitate and check it out now! “Thunderstorm Sounds” are an interesting way to show how insanely funny and mischievous you are! You will have a blast with your friends every time your phone goes on with a thunder! Enter the world of loud and cool ringtones with these free new Thunderstorm Sounds. There is something for everyone’s taste, roaring SMS notifications, amusingly loud ringtones and energizing alarm sounds. Great new app brings awesome selection of the most amazing earsplitting thunder ringtones you can imagine! Loud sounds like these are just what you’ve been searching for, and with it you will be able to make pranks and scare your friends every time your phone rings. Download it right now, completely free of charge!
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