Pyramid Rising APK (Android)

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Pyramid Rising - will transfer you to ancient times of Egypt where our story begins. Your purpose consists in restoration and developing a city. You should apply all your powers and abilities not to let down inhabitants. Only you can rescue them from the link in eternal darkness of mighty god Amon-Ra. For a start build up dwellings, employ handicraftsmen, carpenters - experts. You should send people on stone quarries and get a construction material to restore houses. Money will be necessary for you for all this. It is possible to earn them on already constructed buildings, collecting taxes from their owners. Therefore it is necessary to observe a certain balance between building and production of resources. After all if you spend all funds for payment of production of resources, you won't have funds for construction of buildings which bring money. The game has very an unusual gameplay which is divided into 40 unique and 15 additional levels. In the game there’s excellent graphics and quite pleasant animation, and also gameplay soundtrack.

Game demands cache downloading. How to install a game with cache?

Way for cache: sdcard/Android/data

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