Poker: Texas Holdem Online APK (Android)

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This game is more than five hundred years old. It’s said that earlier it was a game of thieves and swindlers, now presidents and heads of corporations play it. This game - poker. Today, during an era of blossoming of online games, it isn't so obligatory to gather players - a mobile phone will provide your service of tens of game tables worldwide.

It is fast, convenient, beautiful, simple and there’s a huge number of players online. Register right now – and receive 50 000 counters + 5000 counters free of charge every day.

Features of Qplaze Poker Online:
  • Compatibility with the most of modern mobile phones.
  • Qplaze Poker Online — the only poker compatible to J2ME, BlackBerry and Android platform
  • Convenient control for any type of mobile devices
  • Bright graphics and modern design of the game
  • Excellent compatibility with screens of different resolution
  • Support of avatars of players
  • Opportunity to give virtual gifts
  • Large number of game tables
  • Choice of the rate size and the course of the game is defined by a participant
  • Simple and convenient chat
  • Available system of help
  • Opportunity to enjoy the game, being in the place most convenient for you
  • Various modes of tournaments — Sit-n-go, week tournament
  • Free 5000 counters daily
  • Vibration: notice in a silent mode
  • It’s not necessary give tip to the personnel of a virtual casino
  • Game - 24 hours per day

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