PixelPhone APK (Android)

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  • Added: 05/09/2016
  • Size: 7.55 MB
  • Developer: PixelRush
  • Pros 1. New features: Press and hold call records or contact interface to add names into blacklist to block unwanted calls and manage it in settings.
    2. Compatible to Android 6.0 Marshmallow
    3. Optimize Dual-SIM
    4. New default Theme: Spring Green



Key Features:
- ★Permanently Free! Removed the time limit!★
- fully customizable interface
- group actions with contacts (send message; modify photo, ringtone, organization, …)
- fast and smart search by all contacts fields (QWERTY and T9)
- dual SIM device support
- automatic selection of SIM-card based on the rules (phone masks and contacts)
- customizable gestures (swipe left-right to call/message/SIM1/SIM2, …)
- customizable multilangual dialpad with vibra/audible feedback
- merge the call history by date and contact
- speed dial 1-999
- association of favorite contacts into groups for quick dial
- customizable favorite action for contact (call, message, e-mail, locate, …)
- support additional themes and plugins

CAUTION: For emergency calls (911, 112, …) PixelPhone uses the stock Contacts app, so uninstall/disable it is not recommended! Test calling emergency services firstly, before you start using PixelPhone!

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