MOOD SMS Messenger 0.0.34m APK (Android)

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  • Added: 05/08/2016
  • Downloads:40
  • Size: 21.97 MB
  • Developer: Caléa Solutions
  • Pros UPDATE
    fix Quick Reply freeze issue
    “yellow circles” instead of some emojis
    battery consumption
    SMS scheduling
    text input
    Mood messages display when sent
    Quick Reply not marking messages as seen
    duplicated signature when c



Mood is a text messaging app for your SMS & MMS that is different from your stock Android SMS app.
Simple, beautiful and effective, it replaces your default SMS application to bring you unique features and contents.

Predictive emoji texting : type a word > emojis appear > select the one you want
Media Screen feature : each conversation has a Media Screen where all its pictures and videos are grouped
Animated GIFs and YouTube videos : browse and search for your favorite animated GIFs or YouTube videos to send to your friends straight from Mood SMS Messenger
Share your location in real time instead of explaining your position or send the map of a meeting spot
Wallpapers : customize your conversations by browsing and searching for thousands of wallpapers straight from Mood SMS Messenger
MMS sharing : share MMS pictures and videos to your favorite social networks straight from the app
Double SIM support : for most devices. Feel free to contact us if your device is not supported

Predictive emojis : stop looking for your emojis. type a word, they appear
Animated emojis : your favorite emojis are now animated
Smart emojis : horoscope, movie times, weather... Simply touch the related emoji to access your favorite services

Free and unlimited messaging over wifi and data with friends who have Mood Messenger
Choose your friends and gather up to 200 people in a group chat
Stop paying for content: Emojis and smileys, stickers, animated GIFs... everything is FREE
SMS or messaging : no wifi ? No data ? Simply switch from messaging to SMS

• web:
• mail:
• Facebook:
• Twitter:Mood_Messenger

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