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Mau Mau is a nice card game for two or four players. Each player is given 7 cards at the beginning of each game. The aim of the game is to get rid of your cards. The game is turn-based. You are to put a card of the same suit as that on the table or of the same value. If you have nothing to make a move with take a card from the pack.
There are also special cards: :

- jack (J) plays as joker, i.e. it covers any card (except for another jack); you also can choose (order) a desired suit;
- seven (7) – the next player has to put another seven or take 2 cards from the pack;
- eight (8) – the next player has to put 8 or skip a move;
- ace (A) – the move direction changes (clockwise/counterclockwise) till the next ace.

At the end of the round the value of cards each player has is counted. Everything is summed up sequentially and if one of the players has 500 points he loses!

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