iSink U APK (Android)

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  • Added: 10/22/2013

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The game iSink U is distinguished from other games not only by interesting 3D graphics but also by new modified system of combat. The ships can be moved during the battle, each of 5 types of ships except for the usual single shot has an attacking master stroke. The battles take place in cold Arctic, the sunny tropics, as well as on a made-up map of the future, which landscapes are filled with ruins. Successful commanders will be given an opportunity to fight also at covert facilities. After the type and size of map were chosen you need to arrange the ships. It should be noted, they may be put to the next check without leaving an empty space between them. All the ships differ from each other by an armament, solidity of armour, maneuvering ability as well as possessing their own type of attack. Each opponent has 5 points when making a move. They could be spent on attacking the enemy or maneuvering. The game is not only beautifully drawn, but has a qualitative sound. Military marches will raise your morale.

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