Hexjack 1.1.1 APK (Android)

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  • Added: 05/11/2016
  • Downloads:40
  • Size: 34.13 MB
  • Developer: michelmohr.me
  • Pros Remastered to celebrate winning the Best Student Game award at Belgian Game Awards 2016!
    better battery life
    reworked a bunch of sprites
    made text more readable
    updated google play api



Hexjack is a puzzle game inspired by Threes/2048 and Hearthstone.
It tries not to just give the player a fun and engaging puzzle but to also create the atmosphere that they are in a medieval inn. Using an intricate FMOD sound system it plays the custom composed songs of the minstrels intermixed with tavern sounds. People cheering, talking, pints of ale being filled. Hex tiles with a blackjack flavour.

The initial mechanics are simple. Combine tiles of the same value. But as the player progresses to higher scores they will learn that one wrong move can end the game, and careful planning is rewarded.

Not sure what to do? Swipe a white tile in the same direction a bunch of times and see what happens.


Want premium instead of IAP?

Welcome to the Hexjack inn stranger, come in come in.
Close the door, come warm yourself by the hearth!
Have you come for a game?

People come far and wide to see what the wizard came up with this time.
I think he dropped his deck of cards in the kettle with this one, intentional so he says, phah.

How high can you score before you fill the board?
Stylized to look low resolution, with an eye pleasing colour palette.

It was created using Unity and FMOD Studio.
A d&d magic flavoured puzzle game.

- Game by Michel Mohr
- Music & Sound by MereMonkey


Site: http://michelmohr.me/hexjack/

Older devices may have performance issues. Anything more than dual core 1.5GHz should be fine.
Noah Bradley thinks this is cool.

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