Color Match APK (Android)

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  • Added: 05/05/2016
  • Downloads:41
  • Size: 9.41 MB
  • Developer: monocube
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How many shades of grey can you match?

Some may see 50, some may see 2048. The truth is, there are only 11 shades of grey in this one. Match all of them, if you can.

Color Match - Shades of Grey is the color blind edition of 2048 Color Match. You need to swipe the screen to move and merge the gray tiles. When two of them touch, they mix into the next gray shade. For reference, all of the grey shades are shown above the board.

Move strategically so you will reach the deep black shade.

Tip: try to flood the board corners with the same gray shade. Don't let isolated tiles near the puzzle walls - it will be impossible to mix them later.

Your progress is saved across sessions, so you can resume from your last snapshot.

It may seem simple, but immensely fun after you get the hang of it!

I value your feedback, so drop me an email anytime, at

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