CallApp 1.163 APK (Android)

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  • Added: 05/09/2016
  • Size: 15.88 MB
  • Developer: CallApp Contacts
  • Pros Now supporting Smartwatch All notifications from the App directly on the Smartwatch , who is calling, miss calls, identification from social apps and more.
    CallApp Bringing Instant Messengers & Social Apps into the App
    From now on, CallApp will



Always know who is calling you.
CallApp is the #1 Caller-ID/ Numbers identification/ Dialer/ Contacts app & #45 most downloaded app in Google Play.
World’s largest & most comprehensive unlimited & FREE caller-id (Numbers identify).
CallApp identifies (fives information about the number and contact) a billion unknown callers and numbers before you pick up the phone & updates your contacts with social picture & info from: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare, Whatsapp & all major social .CallApp will even identify unknown senders/callers/numbers from IM & Social Apps like Telegram,Whatsapp, Viber and more.

Call App was awarded as one of the worlds best products by: Techcrunch (Disrupt Finalist), Microsoft, IBM, Qualcomm & many others (caller identify)

▶Call Blocker - Block calls(numbers) from spam callers, one ring scam spammers via spam call blocker black-list
▶Caller ID - Identify a billion unknown callers (unknown numbers of people & businesses) with true caller info & pictures. Identify unknown incoming call.
▶Social Dialer - keep your contact card up-to-date with updated contacts picture & social information
▶Never forget a birthday - customize your personal greeting card
▶Smartwatch supporting - All notifications from the App directly on the Smartwatch, who is calling, miss calls, identification from social apps..
▶Support 9 languages + T9 in more than 14 languages
▶Social and IM apps messages identification

CallApp combines your phone's dialer with our local search platform to give you access to the people and places that matter to you, all in one convenient place - your dialer. Identifying the current caller id that is calling you - so you can decide to answer or not.

Pictures, birthdays and much more from all major social networks... in a single free caller-id
The true caller name, Photo, Birthday, SMS, last Email, Google Search and much more information ...
Reverse Lookup, Reviews, Menu, Reservation, Street View, Yelp, Map, 144, white-pages, yellow-pages …
Contact Details, Location, Photo...
Set a Note, Reminder, Meeting, Task, Caller ID Blocker, Block spammers & block spam calls, unwanted calls, Block 1 ring scam, Blacklist and other call app for your phone-book, number identify, call record in call log...
Call App dialer notifies you whenever you can communicate with your partner via the following: Whatsapp, Google Talk, Skype, Viber, Voxer, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook Messenger - so you can call up a friend for free
Contacts, Favorites, Frequent callers, Reminders, Birthday reminders, Keypad & Keyboard, Notes, Quick dial...

Find out who is calling you (even if not in your contact list) ! identify unknown incoming calls,true caller name block calls and spam calls

Feedback? questions? suggestions? support {at}
Stay updated with the latest news:

▶Although CallApp contacts works best as your sole dialer, it may be used alongside most other dialers. Note that Callap Caller-ID may not work well with some other caller ID solutions.
▶You must sign in with Facebook or Google+ for the Google Plus / Facebook Sync to work
▶CallApp does not upload your phonebook to make your contact names searchable. CallApp does upload numbers from your contact book to enrich your phonebook with social information and to update you whenever you communicate with a CallApp user (the same way most other messaging apps do)

Call App currently supports: Android 4 - Android 5.0 (up-to Kitkat & Lollipop ))Tested with the Samsung, LG & HTC 2014 devices

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