Alto Mail 1.6.0 Build 1240 APK (Android)

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  • Added: 05/07/2016
  • Downloads:36
  • Size: 19.19 MB
  • Developer: AOL Inc.
  • Pros Ever dreamed of a world where Alto had a widget that showed your mail right there on your home screen? Dream no longer, my friend... your dreams have come true.
    Alto now includes a home screen widget! If there are any other features you'd like to let u



“Alto rocks.” – PC World

Alto Mail makes managing your email easy again. Add all your mail accounts to our app (including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!, AOL Mail, iCloud, Hotmail and others) and see all of your email in one place.
Beyond the typical inbox display, Alto provides breathtakingly intuitive organizational tools that automatically highlight important information, like file attachments and photos, so you can find what you need when you need it.

What you get with Alto Mail:

• Aggregation: All your emails from all your accounts are in the same place and you can view them together or individually. No more cluttered, confusing mess to navigate when you are looking for a specific thread. Need a file for a presentation at work? Easy. Checking on an appointment you have in your personal email? That’s there too.

• Stacks: Read lists of mail based on the content of your messages. Scroll through all your photo attachments or files, see only messages from people you know, and more - all with just one tap! Imagine how much easier it will be to find all of the photos of your cat that are stored in your email with Alto Mail!

• Cards: Access important travel and shopping information in an easy-to-read format without opening your email. See your next flight or the tracking info on your latest order in the easiest possible way.No more refreshing the shipping company’s website to see when your order will arrive.

• Dashboard: Simple, no-nonsense access to all of your cards. The most relevant cards appear first, so you can keep track of what is most important to you. Scroll and tap to see even more details.

With Alto Mail’s simple and intuitive organizational features, managing your email is no longer a chore. Download Alto Mail now and put your fingertips in touch with the things that matter most.

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